Arkadian Systems is a social media space for exploring planetary systems: environmental, social and economic. It aims to identify intervention points where small tweaks in processes or principles could make a big positive difference for people and planet.

We are guided by 5 practical assumptions, namely: –  

(1) That the current economic system has been proven environmentally unsustainable and thus Homo Sapiens must explore and enact alternatives or risk socioenviromental collapse and extinction.

(2) That these alternatives must be underpinned by greater value for non-human nature, human quality-of-life and systemic diversity, due to powerful evidence for reinforcing interconnections between the three.  

(3) That the goal of an equitable society with long-term viability, functioning as an integral part of a restored biosphere, is imaginable and achievable. 

(4) That solutions are always wiser when all stakeholders with an interest in the relevant situation are meaningfully involved in decision-making, and learn from sharing new knowledge and perspectives.

(5) Transdisciplinary Systems Approaches represent the best tools available for dealing with the scale and complexity of change-making, whilst incorporating a multitude of perspectives (4).    

Arkadian Systems actively encourages new viewpoints. However, in the interests of fruitful co-creation we do ask that you:

(1) Offer a brief summary of your worldview in a few sentences at the beginning of any comments (i.e. your overall philosophy and beliefs about life and the universe and how they relate to your opinions about the situation);

(2) Engage with and respect the knowledge and perspectives of other contributors, however different from yours they are. Solutions will depend on mutual understanding, social learning and some compromise;

(3) Be constructive in your contribution. Help improve and enrich ideas, not destroy them.

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